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About Fenimore


About Fenimore

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Thomas O. Putnam founded Fenimore Asset Management in 1974 as a means to manage family money after the Putnams astutely sold their successful textile business, Fenimore Fabrics, in Upstate New York. The family knew what it takes to run a top-notch business and based their investment philosophy on finding companies exhibiting those same quality characteristics.


Fenimore Asset Management offers separately managed accounts through the Fenimore Private Client Group and is the investment advisor to FAM Funds − mutual funds. Our mission is to help investors preserve their wealth and grow it over the long term.

To accomplish this, our team of seasoned professionals conducts in-depth, independent research and analyzes the companies behind the investments to gain unique insights. Fenimore adheres to a time-tested, disciplined, and repeatable process to help mitigate risk and achieve our investors’ financial goals.

One investment approach. Four investment strategies. Nine investment offerings.





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Fenimore Asset Management offers wealth management through separately managed accounts and mutual funds in Albany NY. We help investors preserve and grow wealth.