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Savers need to invest wisely as people are living longer and requiring more years of income after retirement.
Your financial goals and other factors will determine your IRA (Individual Retirement Account) choice.

We're here to help. Call 800-932-3271 or visit us in Albany or Cobleskill. 

Retirement Accounts

Traditional and Roth IRAs offer key advantages. Open an IRA and save for those golden years.

IRA Rollover

Changing jobs or retiring? Take your retirement money with you. We make rolling over your retirement account into a FAM Funds IRA easy. 

Small Businesses

Is retirement planning just another issue to juggle? We can help you handle it. Our process and the types of plans available to small businesses are easy to understand and implement.

Download Retirement Eligibility PDF

Download a Retirement Account application form here.


IRA Rollover, Roth IRA & Traditional IRA Albany NY | Fenimore
We provide IRA Rollover, Roth IRA, and Traditional IRA to Albany NY. We help with every step of the process to insure you make the right choice about your IRAs.