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Entrepreneurs and business professionals seem to appreciate our risk-conscious investment approach. Our genesis came from the astute sale of a quality, successful, family business and we invest in companies that exhibit those same top-notch characteristics.

We believe that investing in financially durable, well-run enterprises at the right price is the key to building real wealth over the long term. Our team conducts in-depth, independent research and analyzes the companies behind the stocks to gain unique insights. We use this firsthand knowledge and our time-tested process to help mitigate risk and achieve our investors’ financial goals.

Services Offered:

  • Retirement Plans (business & individual)
  • Personal Investment Management
  • Sale of Your Business (invest your hard-earned money prudently)

Call: 800-721-5391 and ask for:

Chris La Porta or Peter Sweetser

If you prefer, please email: claporta@famfunds.com or sweetser@famfunds.com



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Fenimore Asset Management Small Businesses
We offer small business retirement plans and business professionals understand our style of investing.