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One Goal: Provide Financial Peace of Mind

Fenimore’s time-tested investment approach is consistent, straightforward, and understandable. We want our investors to be educated and confident in knowing what they own and why. This includes having access to the professionals managing your money.

One Investment Approach
We are value investors and see stocks as economic interests in actual companies — and quality businesses garner our attention. We concentrate on small- to mid-cap companies that we think can grow over time and seek to purchase them at a discount to what we estimate they are worth. This is the "value" part of our philosophy.

At Fenimore, we believe that investing in financially durable, well-run businesses at the right price is the key to building real wealth over the long term. Our team conducts in-depth, independent research and analyzes the companies behind the stocks to gain unique insights. We use this firsthand knowledge and our time-tested process to help mitigate risk and achieve our clients' financial goals.

Three  Equity Investment Strategies (Separately Managed Accounts)
Each equity strategy has concentrated portfolios seeking to preserve and grow capital over the long term: Core Value focuses primarily on mid-cap stocks; Equity-Income centers on mid-cap, dividend-paying companies; and Small Cap consists of small businesses with long-term potential.

One Fixed Income Investment Strategy (Separately Managed Accounts)
The fixed income strategy’s primary objective is capital preservation with income generation. This strategy may also be utilized in a balanced portfolio that seeks both long-term capital appreciation and current income.



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Fenimore Asset Management: Investment Approach
Our approach centers on value investing through the use of three investment strategies consisting of concentrated portfolios.