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    Investment Approach

    Quality Matters

    Fenimore invests in a select number of quality companies as we seek to preserve and grow wealth over the long term. Access to the professionals managing their money provides our investors with confidence knowing what they own and why. 

    • Quality businesses with strong leadership can provide downside protection and upside potential
    • Manage risk through an in-depth, consistent investment approach that has navigated multiple economic and financial market cycles

    Mutual Funds

    We believe in making our professionally-managed, no-load mutual funds available at low minimums. Our three mutual funds invest in stocks and can be used in any of the following accounts.

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    Download account application forms here

    Take charge of your financial future today. Save for your long-term goals with a taxable investment account.

    Not sure what account is right for you? Give us a call at 800.932.3271.

    Retirement accounts offer key advantages. Open an IRA and save for those golden years.

    • Traditional IRA
      Whether starting a new account or rolling over from an existing account, starting is easy.
    • Roth IRA
      Using after-tax dollars may still be used for retirement saving whether opening a new account or rolling over a Roth account.
    • IRA Rollovers
      Changing jobs or retiring? Take your retirement money with you by rolling over your retirement account into a FAM Funds IRA or IRA Roth .

    Traditional IRA disclosure and Roth IRA disclosure

    We can help you prepare for those tuition bills.

    Coverdell ESA Disclosure

    FAM Funds (Investor Shares) have low investment requirements allowing for more people to start investing.

    A good retirement plan can help you achieve your financial goals and attract/retain employees. We make retirement investing easy to understand and administer.

    • SIMPLE IRA (Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees)
      This type of account allows employers and employees to contribute to the company’s retirement plan and earnings grow on a tax-deferred basis.
    • SEP Account (Simplified Employee Pension)
      An IRA that allows a self-employed individual to potentially contribute more than a Traditional IRA account would allow.
    • 403(b)(7) Account
      It allows employees of certain tax-exempt employers to set aside a portion of their compensation for retirement purposes.
    • Individual(k) Account
      This 401(k) plan allows an owner to contribute both a profit-sharing component and a salary deferral component.

    Separately Managed Accounts

    We create customized portfolios for high-net-worth individuals, foundations, endowments, pension plans, and other institutions. Portfolios can include individual stocks and fixed-income offerings.

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    Fenimore’s time-tested, disciplined, repeatable investment process involves in-depth research and active monitoring of securities held. Our proprietary process is based on stringent investment criteria. 

    Fenimore’s Four Core Investment Criteria

    1. Quality Business
    2. Financially Durable
    3. Proven Management
    4. Margin of Safety

    • Unwavering Investment Criteria
    • Quality businesses
    • In-depth research
    • Proprietary models
    • Value approach
    • Access to management and annual visits

    We ultimately rely on our own research and analysis for appraising the creditworthiness of businesses issuing debt, assessing their ability to repay bondholders, and selecting quality securities.

    • Invest in Quality
      Businesses with market leadership, conservative capital structures, and proven management
    • Valuation
      Invest when stock price is at a considerable discount to our assessment of intrinsic value
    • Allocation Limits
      At the stock and portfolio levels
    • Transparency
      Invest in American companies with appropriate global revenue to capture upside potential of international markets while having access to management and the stability of U.S. laws and accounting standards