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    Our People

    Fenimore’s people are our greatest advantage. We are conscientious stewards of your assets and take this responsibility very seriously.

    • Shannon Almy

      Shannon Almy Client Relationship Manager

    • Michael Balboa

      Michael Balboa Chief Financial Officer

    • Renee Barratiere

      Renee Barratiere Senior Client Relationship Manager

    • Andrew Boord

      Andrew Boord Investment Research Analyst
      Co-Manager, FAM Small Cap Fund

    • Bonnie Bradbury

      Bonnie Bradbury FAM Shareholder Services

    • Keith Cataldo

      Keith Cataldo Director of Trading

    • George Chelius

      George Chelius Principal

    • Rachel Crisafulli

      Rachel Crisafulli Regional Sales Director

    • Kathy Davis

      Kathy Davis FAM Shareholder Services

    • John Fox

      John Fox Chief Executive Officer
      Chief Investment Officer
      Co-Manager, FAM Value Fund

    • Kevin Gioia

      Kevin Gioia Investment Research Analyst
      Co-Manager, FAM Small Cap Fund

    • Joan Hampel

      Joan Hampel Executive Assistant

    • Antonio Hebert

      Antonio Hebert Investment Research Associate

    • Paul Hogan

      Paul Hogan Investment Research Analyst
      FAM Dividend Focus Fund

    • Jesse Koepp

      Jesse Koepp Senior Client Relationship Manager

    • Chris La Porta

      Chris La Porta Senior Director

    • Matthew Laverty

      Matthew Laverty Data Analyst/System Administrator

    • Erin Luciano

      Erin Luciano Business Development Manager

    • Colleen Marsh

      Colleen Marsh FAM Shareholder Services

    • Lauren Mayer

      Lauren Mayer Client Relationship Associate

    • Bill McCartan

      Bill McCartan Director of Sales

    • Deb Nadeau

      Deb Nadeau Director of Operations

    • Diane Nicolai

      Diane Nicolai Administrative Assistant

    • Debra Pollard

      Debra Pollard President

    • William Preston

      William Preston Investment Research Analyst

    • Frank Privitera

      Frank Privitera Director of Marketing

    • Tom Putnam

      Tom Putnam Founder & Executive Chairman
      Co-Manager, FAM Funds

    • Dusty Putnam

      Dusty Putnam Vice President

    • Anne Putnam

      Anne Putnam Senior Vice President

    • Karen Rhinehart

      Karen Rhinehart Manager, System Engineering

    • Nancy Singer

      Nancy Singer Senior Client Relationship Associate

    • Kevin Smith

      Kevin Smith Director of Private Client Services

    • Peter Sweetser

      Peter Sweetser Retirement Plans Services

    • Mary Jo Van Luipen

      Mary Jo Van Luipen FAM Shareholder Services

    • Drew Wilson

      Drew Wilson Investment Research Analyst
      Co-Manager, FAM Value Fund