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    Our investors come first – that’s why we have in-house investor relations teams ready to serve you. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please call 800.721.5391.

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    Changing Times, Unchanging Principles

    As we try to absorb and process the rapid-fire, constantly evolving headlines and adapt to our temporary, yet far-ranging, lifestyle changes, I think it’s important — and, hopefully, reassuring — for you to know that Fenimore is not deviating from our time-tested, long-term investment model.

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    Your Fenimore team is being diligent and vigilant as we focus on the safety of our investors and associates.

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    Fenimore Investment & Business Update

    Three weeks ago, when Italy reported a large increase in coronavirus cases, the stock market responded with a significant decline in prices. Investors feared that the actions needed to stop the virus (i.e. staying home) could ...

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